9 CAT DIGITAL media partner for ‘Webx Tokyo 2023, Asia’s Leading Web3 Conference’

WebX Tokyo, organized by CoinPost, Japan’s top crypto/web3 media, was an exceptional showcase of technological innovation and global collaboration. With 16,500 attendees, the event united industry leaders, startups, and enthusiasts worldwide to discuss decentralized technologies, particularly blockchain, and their integration into society.

As proud media partners, 9 CAT DIGITAL highlights WebX Tokyo’s significant role in advancing global business collaboration and positioning Japan as a Web3 hub in Asia. CoinPost, the producer, provides expert crypto insights and launched CoinPost Global and WebX in December 2022, utilizing blockchain technology in various industries.


Impressive Speaker Line-Up: Visionaries and leaders shared insights and future perspectives.
Web3 Tech Showcases: Startups and companies unveiled cutting-edge blockchain, DeFi, and NFT innovations.
Global Collaboration: Diverse support demonstrated a united front for advancing Web3.
Networking Opportunities: Attendees connected with industry experts and potential collaborators.
Impactful Panels: Thought-provoking discussions explored Web3’s role in shaping various industries.

The two-day WebX Asia conference concluded at the Tokyo International Forum with Tokyo’s governor, Yuriko Koike, expressing her support for the city to become a global crypto hub and digital innovation center. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also addressed the conference, emphasizing Japan’s openness to Web3 business and investment. Koike highlighted the Tokyo Innovation Base, connecting government agencies, businesses, and startups, as a step towards digitizing finance through decentralized technology. She mentioned the upcoming Sushi Tech Tokyo 2024 startup event, funded with 28.6 billion yen, as a way to boost the city’s startup scene further. Koike emphasized Web3’s potential to transform the global social economy and nurture Japanese technology companies worldwide.

WebX Tokyo’s participation in Asia’s Leading Web3 Conference elevated the event to new heights, uniting innovators and enthusiasts worldwide. The collaborative efforts demonstrated the transformative potential of Web3 technologies and solidified the commitment to building a decentralized and interconnected digital future. As the world moves forward, the impact of WebX Tokyo at the conference will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the future of Web3 technologies.