9 CAT DIGITAL Supports Thailand Tourism through ‘Sukjai Smart Travel’

Exciting news for Thailand’s tourism industry! Sukjai Smart Travel has launched an innovative project that aims to enhance tourism in Thailand by introducing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By incentivizing travel and offering game activities in various communities, the project plans to make tourism more engaging and accessible.

We at 9 CAT DIGITAL are proud partners in this project and are committed to supporting Thailand’s tourism industry while promoting the use of blockchain technology in real-world applications. By collaborating with Sukjai Smart Travel and leveraging NFTs, we believe this project has the potential to change the face of tourism in Thailand.

From April 13-15, 2023, the project’s first phase will distribute 5,550 pieces of “Songkran Edition 2023” NFTs in five different locations. To learn more about how to collect the NFTs and the benefits offered by various organizations through the Crypto City Connext Wallet on April 30, 2023, follow Sukjai Smart Travel on Facebook.

Join us in supporting this exciting initiative and promoting Thailand’s tourism industry. Follow Sukjai Smart Travel on Facebook for more information and stay updated on the latest developments. Together, let’s make Thai tourism more engaging and accessible for everyone.

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