CryptoZonic: The First Ever Crypto-EDM Festival in ASIA

Bangkok, Thailand — 25 April 2024 —  GALA’s trailblazing CryptoZonic festival, the first-ever crypto-EDM event in Asia, concluded with a resounding success, drawing in a massive crowd eager to experience the unique fusion of music and cryptocurrency.

Leaving Audience Wanting More.

The event served as a groundbreaking platform, immersing attendees in a thrilling atmosphere where they could delve into the crypto space while pulsating to the electrifying beats of top EDM DJs. CryptoZonic successfully delivered on its promise to be a one-of-a-kind experience, resonating with a diverse audience of crypto enthusiasts, music lovers, and tech-savvy individuals.

Unprecedented Success

We are thrilled to announce that CryptoZonic garnered overwhelming interest, exceeding expectations with its massive traffic. This turnout highlights the immense potential of crypto-entertainment experiences that cater to a wide range of interests.

Stay Tuned for the Next Chapter

The excitement doesn’t end here! We tease the next episode of CryptoZonic, leaving the destination shrouded in mystery. Stay tuned as we reveal where the next CryptoZonic adventure will take you.

Hosted by 9 CAT DIGITAL & BitArcade


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