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PART 3 Another 1 Solution Layer 2 is zkSync, the project of Matter Labs, launched in June 2022 and ready to push zkSync 2.0 within these couple months. . zkSync is different from Arbitrum and Optimism at the Rollups system as zkSync uses Zero KnowLedge Proofs called ZK Rollups. This system was born with the […]


PART 2 Last time we talked about Layer 2 as Arbitrum, this time its competitor is Optimism. Optimism had been developed by Optimism Foundation, the unlucrative association formed to build Optimism chain especially, and support the ecosystem of Ethereum to the fullest safety net capacity. . Optimism uses the Optimistic Roll Up technology as Arbitrum […]

Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling Solution (Part. 1)

😸 Delve deeper into 3 platforms of Ethereum Layer 2, scaling solution that are on fire right now to strengthen ETH 2.0 . Ethereum is another Decentralized Application (DApps) platform which is very popular and gains everyone’s trust. Meanwhile, there are still the gaps that need to be fixed, for example, high gas fee, although […]

4 Ways the Metaverse is changing our lives

To talk about something avant-garde, it must be all about Metaverse: the buzz word that everyone keeps saying since Facebook renamed to rebrand the business into “Meta.” It’s the beginning but not the end of a new era of technology which will upscale our ways of life. Let’s see which ankle Metaverse will digitize exquisitely. […]

What is Web 3.0? How does it affect us?

The strength of Web Development and how ways of live will change for better. Before we delve deeper into Web 3.0, let’s begin with “Web 1.0,” the origin of the website development born in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee who is an English computer scientist. He found the way to communicate texts in many dimensions for […]

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