4 Ways the Metaverse is changing our lives

To talk about something avant-garde, it must be all about Metaverse: the buzz word that everyone keeps saying since Facebook renamed to rebrand the business into “Meta.” It’s the beginning but not the end of a new era of technology which will upscale our ways of life. Let’s see which ankle Metaverse will digitize exquisitely.

1. Business

Apart from generating more business opportunity for entrepreneurs just like PRX is trying to do: business owners can open the shop on our own land or the creators can tokenize their assets and place the products on our own marketplace. Metaverse can change our ways of working, it allows us to work from anywhere, strengthening the talks among colleagues even if we work remotedly without increasing the business-related travel expenses.

2. Education

Metaverse involves better education for all-classes, from high school to specialized classes for young doctors. It allows students to learn in the actual environment aligning with the lessons instructors teach, for example, histories, archeologies, spaces, technologies or the surgery training before conducting an actual session.

3. Entertainment

No matter whom you are a big fan of, you are able to watch the concert of your favorite ones virtually without reserving the expensive seat and ranked in the back of the hall. Seating is an old issue for the concert in Metaverse. It’s a win-win situation: consumers get more concerts and the entertainers can repeatedly play their albums.

4. Communication

More than just a normal video call, we can see the three dimension facial expression and the body language of our loved ones by personalizing the avatar. You are able to meet anyone anywhere without spending time to dress up and drive to see them in person, if you don’t want to.